Saturday, October 08, 2016

Silence! The Musical @ ARTS AFTER HOURS

The word "silence" is an ironic word to use since the Opening Night crowd was literally roaring with boisterous laughter at this hilariously unapologetic parody of the movie "Silence of the Lambs."

So wrong it's right, Hunter Bell's Book is a clever if not raunchy send-up of all the nuances that made the movie famous. Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan have created Music and Lyrics equally as as creative and naughty.

Director James Tallach knows how to bring all of this delirium to brilliant life, never overdoing anything, and always keeping the pace brisk and the action moving.

The audience is sold as soon Clarice opens her mouth and the accent ala Jodie Foster from the film shines through. She is played brilliantly by Lisa McDonough who not only looks like Foster but has her mannerisms and facial expressions down perfectly. She is enjoying the role and the audience is right there with her. It is not an easy role, but she makes it look effortless.

Chas Kircher incorporates Sir Anthony Hopkins's icy cold stare and speaking voice perfectly. He has a beautiful voice too, and I only wish I could mention the title of the song that best demonstrates that. ;-)

Buffalo Bill is played with the right amount of sleaze and sex by Jeremiah O'Sullivan. It is a role into which one must be uninhibited, and he is.

Samantha Gambaccini's beautiful Soprano complements her outstanding acting chops (sorry) as Catherine and the Senator.

The ensemble of lambs is also a joy to watch with original and crisp choreography by Nicole Spirito.

Costume designer Bonnie Fitzgerald has done an amazing job of capturing that of the movie.

The impressive and professional lighting, sound, set design, music direction, and projections flesh out (sorry again) an incredibly entertaining and laugh-filled night at the theatre.

Be warned that the language might not make it a family night, but it will make it a wonderful night out with your friends because this particular silence is golden.

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